The Academy of Smarter Communities, TASC, is ready to move to the next phase

The digitalization of communities is moving fast and transforming the lives of citizens, as well as the structure of cities and the way we organize and manage city systems.

In 2018, DOLL Living Lab and Rainmaking launched The Academy of Smarter Communities (TASC) as a platform to help leading cities and regions around the world acquire the skills, knowhow and tools to navigate a fast-changing environment. TASC is intended to provide its city leaders and staff with everything from a strategy framework to practical case studies and best practice on how to handle and take advantage of important topics like data ethics, innovation, citizen engagement and regional collaboration.

“In TASC we used the first year to develop a better understanding of the market’s needs and how we can best create impact for participants. Based on this learning, we will now focus more on building a strong platform in Europe, driven by – and closely linked to – DOLL Living Lab,” says Maja Yhde, Head of TASC.

In parallel, Rainmaking and DOLL Living Lab will collaborate on the UrbanTech program run by Rainmaking, as well as other projects where the two partners can leverage each other’s strengths.

“We have been thrilled to partner with Rainmaking on TASC. And this is not, ‘goodbye’, it’s a ‘see you later’, as we will continue to collaborate in many ways and forms – for example on start-up programs, Living Labs as well as developing new ideas and initiatives,” says Kim Brostrøm, CTO of DOLL Living Lab.


Startup engagement opportunities

Rainmaking will put further focus on their Urbantech program, which is an accelerator and innovation program for high-quality startups that are creating solutions within urban technology.

“TASC is off to a great start. We have been to a number of different cities and engaged with city representatives from around the world. For us it is time to put further focus on our Urbantech program. But we are nothing but optimistic for the future of TASC, and we are looking forward to following their journey as well as exploring new opportunities for collaboration,” says Rainmaking Co-Founder Carsten Kølbek.


A worldwide need for Smart City training

DOLL Living Lab is a platform where people come together to test new digital, sustainable solutions for cities. Every year the lab welcomes more than 80 delegations from around the world.

“We are experiencing an overwhelming demand for more qualified training in communities around the world. We are very pleased that we can still offer cities and city officials specialized, tailored Smart City masterclasses. TASC was born out of an ambition to create smarter and more liveable communities – and to support those that lead such efforts. That will remain our main focus,” says Maja Yhde, Head of TASC.

TASC will keep adding specialized masterclasses to the program and collaborate with new and exciting partners. Stay tuned within the next few weeks for more news.


For more information

If you are interested in learning more about TASC, reach out to Maja Yhde, Head of TASC at