TASC’s partnership with Arizona State University & ASU Certification of TASC Masterclass participation

TASC is very proud to formally announce the fact that TASC Masterclass Participation gets formally recognized by Arizona State University (ASU). This applies to all TASC Masterclass participants that attend a TASC Masterclass full time, irrespective of geography or jurisdiction.

The partnership between ASU and TASC is being enabled by ASU’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society (SFIS). SFIS is also host to ASU’s Center for Smart Cities and Regions (CenSCR) which was launched in 2018. The partnership between TASC and ASU is aimed at producing joint thought-leadership in the smarter community & urban innovation domains, the development of joint educational offering, a furthering of TASC masterclasses in the US market as well as the formal recognition of TASC Masterclasses by means of certification of participation.

The first classes to benefit from this partnership with the class participants now eligible to certification are the TASC Masterclasses organized in Tampere, Finland (January 2019) and Phoenix, Arizona (February 2019)

ASU is one the largest universities in the United States (US) (all its campuses combined it is in fact the largest). It has been ranked as the most innovative university in the US for the last four years (2016-2019), and boats the single largest engineering faculty in all of the US.

It goes without saying the TASC team is immensely proud of its partnership with ASU. The intent is to deepen its collaboration over the years to come.