At the heart of TASC lies an evolving curriculum, ranging from core masterclasses to highly specialized training on specific areas of interest. A central principle to our curriculum is to focus on dynamic methodologies rather than fixed roadmaps with fixed outcomes: there can never be a one-size-fits-all. TASC curriculum is – and always will be – dynamic: our curriculum gets built and amended around your community’s needs, and every class is one step on your innovation journey.

Format of training

The principle format of the Academy’s training comes as three-day Masterclasses. Event and customer specific classes can be forged and may differ in focus, length and depth.

Each training will carry knowledge presentation components, team collaboration as well as tailored design thinking and customer specific facilitation.

TASC’s methodology stands in recognition of the fact there cannot be one recipe in the smart community domain. Different cities aim for varying outcomes. TASC Masterclasses aim to facilitate enrolled practitioners by enhancing their skills and competencies required to achieve their varying smart community objectives. At the heart of our methodology lies a combination of Design Think and “System” approaches, a shared language build out, and a broad, in-depth sharing of knowledge and experience. Masterclasses leverage subject-matter specific training, design and collaboration tools that are replicable and applicable to those enrolled in their post class work environments.


TASC Masterclass Participants that attend the entire three day Masterclass are eligible to formal certification, issued by Arizona State University. TASC has a partnership in place with ASU’s School for the Future of Innovation on Society. TASC and ASU collaborate in the development of shared thought leadership, as well as joint go-to-market training offerings for the US market. The certification applies to any TASC Masterclass participant anywhere in the world.

TASC in the Middle East and Africa

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is our Dubai partner in order to forge and facilitate new curriculum, physically host classes in Dubai and offer TASC training to the Middle East and North Africa region.

Blockchains for cities
Data Analytics for Cities
The Art of Connecting Everything
How to build a Living Lab
Tech, Law and Regulations
Core Masterclass
One Day Executive Training

Topics featured in our Masterclasses

  • The Art of Connecting Everything
  • Building a Living Lab
  • Understanding the Value of Smart City Strategies
  • Business Architectures and Delivery Models
  • Procurement Models
  • Open Data Initiatives & Strategies
  • Data Analytics and the City
  • Digitization & Ethics
  • Designing Citizen Involvement
  • Building a Smart City Ecosystem
  • Governance and Smart City Management
  • Blockchain for Cities
  • Cyber Security
  • Rethinking Government in the Age of Digitalization
  • Dealing with Complexity: Skills and Agility amidst Digitization
  • Design Think methodologies applied to your own organization