About us

The Academy for Smarter Communities is based on the knowledge and hands-on experience from Smart City experts from around the world.

Our mission

The Academy for Smarter Communities (TASC) conveys Smart City knowledge and knowhow, facilitates an exchange of best practices, fosters an evolving global community of practitioners and leaders, and provides tailored, structured guidance during and post-training. The Academy serves as a platform of ‘prosumers’ where varying partners and peers can consume yet also produce and share best practices & know-how.

Powered by DOLL Living Lab

TASC is powered by DOLL Living Lab (Denmark) which is Europe’s single largest and most successful Smart City Living Lab. DOLL sets out to create an innovative playground for next generation Smart City solutions as well as transparency in new complex markets. On its 9 miles / 12 kilometers of roads DOLL hosts hundreds of innovative and competing solutions that interact with users, visitors and each other. DOLL hosts around 100 delegations from across the globe per year.

DOLL Living Lab is an integrated part of Gate 21. Gate 21 is leading the public private innovation within Smart Communites in the Greater Copenhagen area, including the South of Sweden.


Arizona State University (ASU) partners with TASC in the development of shared thought leadership, as well as joint go-to-market training offerings for the US market. TASC and ASU have declared intent to have TASC training recognized by ASU, with formal affirmations to be issued to those that enroll and complete TASC masterclasses.

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is our Dubai partner in order to forge and facilitate new curriculum, physically host classes in Dubai and offer TASC training to the Middle East and North Africa region.